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General Rules

Metal detectors may not be used within the boundaries of Locust Grove Farm or adjacent properties.

Excessive consumption of legal beverages and possession or consumption of illegal substances will result in the individual being evicted from the grounds and subject to legal action. Eviction guarantees forfeiture of fees.

Fireworks are not permitted.

Neither the event host nor the landowners are responsible for lost or stolen items or vehicles. We will provide security on a "best effort" basis. Each army should set up security in their own camp area.

Registration & Check-in

All persons must register if they intend to gain admission to the site, regardless of lodging.

All registration applications are subject to approval.

All registrants must check in upon arrival. Reenactor registration and check in begins Friday at 11:00 AM.  Sutlers may arrive Thursday.

 During check-in you will receive your parking permit, rules and regulations, the location of camps, and event schedule.

All vehicles must display a parking pass. Please park in the designated Reenacter Parking lot. Parking is prohibited in camp.

Reenacters may drive vehicles to camping area to unload . After unloading, vehicles MUST be removed to the designated parking area. All vehicles MUST be out of camp by 9:00 A.M. on Saturday!

Camp Life

An authentic Union and Confederate camp will be established. All modern items   and equipment will be kept out of public view while the grounds are open to the public.

Lights Out will be in effect on Saturday from 12 AM to 5:30 AM.

Trash receptacles will be provided for each campsite. Bags will be given out for  aluminum cans.  Please make use of these receptacles to keep your campsite clean.

Camping is allowed only in pre-designated areas. 

Participant Rules

Commanding Officers are required to attend all officer’s meetings. Unit Commanders are responsible for the conduct of those participants in their unit at all times while the unit is on site.

Parents are responsible for the conduct of their minor children. Minor children under no recognized supervision at any given time might result in the parents/guardians being asked to leave the event.

Horses must be accompanied by an appropriate Coggins Certificate, which will be shown to registration staff. Horse traffic is limited to the cavalry camp and battlefield areas only.

No reenacter is to allow any spectator to ride a horse. No women, except for those dressed and participating in the reenactment as troopers, will be allowed to ride any horse on the event site.

All children under the age of 18, not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian shall provide written, notarized permission from heir parent designating an individual who shall assume responsibility.

No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to carry a weapon of any kind.

Participants ages 12 thru 15 will only be permitted on the battlefield as functional musicians or color guard and must be approved by the event coordinator.

No one, except military participants will be allowed on the battlefield during the battles.

Battles & all participants on the battlefield shall be inspected for authenticity and safety. Anyone who fails inspection will not be allowed to participate.

No drills or practices shall be scheduled on Sunday during church services. Consideration with respect to noise, music, laughter or the discharge of firearms is required during this time.

Infantry participants should be allowed a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition for the week end. Any participant running out of ammunition will be considered a casualty.

Close fighting, if done, shall be rehearsed prior to the battle and can only be done by those groups given permission by the commanding officers to do so, and only if it pertains to the battle scenario. Except when simulating a hit, all participants are expected to stay with their units. There will be no charging of the enemy by an individual.

No live ammunition will be allowed on the grounds. Weapons shall not be discharged within the boundaries of the camp area, nor near the house and surrounding garden areas.

Infantry longarms shall be loaded with not more than 70 grains of powder. Only cavalry and artillery are permitted to carry two-banded weapons. No cut-down weapons of any kind are permitted. No non-period weapons allowed.

No "penny wrapper", staples, wads or tape are to be used in making the cartridges. No fixed bayonets during the battles. Ramrods can be carried, but no used.. Bayonets must remain sheathed during battles. Bowie knives are permitted, but must remain secure in their sheath.

Direct, aimed fire shall not take place within 50 yards.  Firing will not take place inside 20 yards distance between opposing forces. No cannons will be allowed to fire after 6 PM.

No reenacter will allow spectator to handle or fire a weapon during the event.

Mounted cavalrymen are not to take hits off horseback. We do not want any loose horses. Please dismount before you take a hit.

Dress Code

Period clothing is required to be worn by both military and civilian reenactors in camp and on the field. All uniforms and shoes must be of proper period material and constructions.

Civilians must be in period attire if remaining in the camps during the weekend.

No "specialty impressions" (i.e. R.E. Lee, U.S. Grant, Longstreet, Gordon, Sheridan, etc) without prior approval.