Sutlers Registration Form

This registration is designed to be used by Sutlers, Vendors and Concession Vendors.  Pre-registration is required.  Applications must be postmarked by October 1.  You must supply your own "period" tent.

Company: ______________________________

Address: _______________________________

City: _________________State/Zip __________

Contact Name:___________________    Phone: ____________________    Fax: ________________

Email:_____________________    Website:__________________

Size of tent:_________________

Please Check One:

______ Sutler




______ Other Vendor



______ Concessions




Concessions are responsible for getting their health permit.

Please make checks out to:  Peninsula Artillery

Mail to:  Kathy Hare 4731 Glen Tara Dr., Midlothian, VA 23112  Phone:  804-744-6224